Powered Up’s Pedal-Power Electricity

There are some good reasons to try pedal-power. There is something very satisfying about getting on a bicycle, pedalling, and knowing that all the energy to create the electricity powering a TV, projector, sound-system or even a hairdryer or a bubble machine has come from you. You can feel it getting harder to pedal when the system needs more power, and feel it getting easier when less electricity is needed.

We developed the system with four bikes on stands and a control unit in 2021, and since then we have taken it to power promotional events, music and lights for theatre and dance, our bubble machines with our “Bubble Bike Boogie” and even Christmas tree lights at Christmas events.

At a film night at Goodfest, the audience had a rota of participants and volunteers to pedal and we spent an evening enjoying films on the opening night of the festival. At most events, when the power doesn’t need to be as reliable, people can hop on and off the bikes and give it a try whenever they want. We always have some back-up power on hand if people decide to favour a more relaxing experience!

In 2023, the kit is available for hire. If you are interested in powering an event or session using pedal-power, then please get in touch.