Blystra Arts is a Newquay based creative arts company, who offer theatre, music, visual art, dance, film and heritage activity to the community. We are a collective of artists working together to offer creative opportunities to people from all backgrounds.

Unique and Positive

We aim to create unique and positive experiences, as well as offer spaces where people can be creative. We support people to build connections using the arts. Our 3 strands of work are: participation (mainly through workshops, but also through community performance); making our own professional work; and promoting and producing the work of other organisations. We aim to make our own artistic creations interactive, unique, fun and accessible.

Environmentally Friendly

We’re also passionate about the planet and try to make our projects as green as possible, often using eco technologies, such as solar and pedal energy, to power our events and performances. In 2021 we created Powered Up, a pedal and solar energy system which we use to power off grid events.

Celebrating Newquay

One of our key aims as an organisation is to celebrate Newquay. We use arts activity to highlight the town’s diverse, culturally rich identity, people and uniquely beautiful landscape, offering local artists and the community a platform to explore and reflect a view of the town from the inside.